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[SOLVED] Neverwinter Nights (from black screen in Wine 1.6

The problem

I bought Neverwinter Nights for my father to play on his Ubuntu 13.04 system and wanted to get it working on my own machine before trying on his.

After installing, I was having trouble with the whole screen being black and unresponsive to keyboard and mouse input. The only option was running it in safe mode (a safe mode shortcut is created by the GOG installer).

I found an extremely simple fix for this while trying to disable the intro videos. Disable the intro movies.

Add the following line to the [Display Options] section of the nwn.ini config file:

Disable Intro Movies=1

And yes, the spaces in that line are supposed to be there.

My Wine setup

I am running NWN in windowed mode because it makes it easier to manage the window in Gnome 3.x if it is not full-screen.

I am running in an emulated virtual desktop to confine all Wine apps to a 1152x864 window. Here is the Graphics tab from winecfg.

I have attached my full nwn.ini file to this post

Image icon Winecfg graphics tab screenshot27.41 KB
Plain text icon My nwn.ini1.08 KB