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Google Play Music & Gnome Shell Media Buttons

I have been trying to figure out how to use the media keys on my keyboard to control Google Play Music for a while. It turns out that Chrome is set up to listen for the media keys, but the X11/Gnome were capturing these events and not propagating them to the browser.

TLDR: Disable the Play/Pause, Next, and Previous keyboard shortcuts in the Gnome Keyboard controls.

Screenshot of Gnome Shell Keyboard shortcuts

Turning Drupal into a static site using HTTrack

I am currently running three blogs on one of my Linodes. This blog, one for my cousin Stef Marcinkowski and one for my brother Erik Marcinkowski.

Stef and I have made the decision to move to a simpler static portfolio site to showcase his incredible graphic design skills; something which I felt Drupal was getting in the way of. Drupal makes a lot of things unnecessarily difficult, and our new vision for Stef's site is far less focused on blog entries and articles.

Making the Mad Catz R.A.T.7 Contagion gaming mouse not suck in X11

I have done this several times, across multiple installs on my desktop, laptop and work computer.

The Mad Catz R.A.T.7 is a great mouse that I bought on a whim not because I'm much of a gamer (I'm not) but because it fit my hand and I felt a pang of Retail Acquisition Syndrome while looking at the damn thing. It turns out that the selectable DPI setting is great for switching between a Linux desktop machine and the OSX at work. I could never get the standard acceleration setting in OSX to behave like I wanted, but turning the DPI down in hardware on my mouse worked great!

Fixed: Drupal Media Browser unable to press the submit button

I build and maintain a site for my cousin, Stef Marcinkowski, a graphic designer here in Toronto.

We use the WYSIWYG module on Stef's site for the body content and handling inline images, but were unable to press the Submit button after uploading an image using the Drupal Media browser. From what I can tell, the interplay between the JQuery Update, WYSIWYG editor and Media modules is the cause of the problem.

Saving for later: DD-WRT docs on Wireless-N channels

I felt the need to remember this for later because I do an awful lot of work with wireless networks at my job with Beanfield MetroConnect. I have been working on the adminstration interfaces for our mixed-hardware wireless networking solution for our residential customers.

Do B/G clients slow down Wireless-N networks?

I work for an internet service provider and we are beginning to roll out wireless access points for our customers. I am building wireless network management in to our online customer portal so our customers never need to open the dreaded in their browsers again. We are also giving out multiple APs to some customers with larger homes and our management tools ensure that each AP has the same network settings so wireless clients will correctly switch between APs without losing network connectivity.

[SOLVED] Neverwinter Nights (from black screen in Wine 1.6

The problem

I bought Neverwinter Nights for my father to play on his Ubuntu 13.04 system and wanted to get it working on my own machine before trying on his.

After installing, I was having trouble with the whole screen being black and unresponsive to keyboard and mouse input. The only option was running it in safe mode (a safe mode shortcut is created by the GOG installer).

I found an extremely simple fix for this while trying to disable the intro videos. Disable the intro movies.


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